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Technology is rapidly changing the face of dentistry

Dentistry is changing quickly, and we will continue to evolve with it to give our patients the best by including state of the art technology such as the iTero intraoral scanner.

We can now offer digital scans of your mouth that get sent to our preferred labs to create the smile of your dreams. Instead of taking messey molds of your mouth, we can scan your mouth with our iTero 5D digital scanner to get the most accurate snapshot of your teeth and create a customized smile for you.

With our intraoral scanner, we can help diagnose issues with your bite and alignment and demonstrate simulations of how your teeth positioning and alignment can improve with Invisalign's clear aligners. With a wand that takes 6,000 images per second, we can get the most accurate 3D model of your teeth.

The iTero scanner can also help diagnose wear and show the progression of your teeth over time. This can help us figure out the right solution for you to preserve your teeth. Plus it can help create a better fitting crown, bridge, or veneer that matches your smile.

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